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We pick-up, store, and bring back your belongings when you need them—for less than the cost of traditional self-storage.

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Welcome to SaveSpace - the smart solution for your storage needs

Welcome to SaveSpace - the smart solution for your storage needs

The SaveSpace Way


We collect your things at your address as soon as the next day.


We store your stuff safely in one of our secure facilities and upload a photo inventory to your account.


With just a few clicks, we deliver the items you need within a day.

Our services

Storage by-the-box

Priced per item: For a clutter-free home, store things like your out-of-season wardrobe with our by-the-box storage. With next-day pick-up, delivery, and a photo inventory for your things: We are the never-ending basement you wish you had.Learn more

Storage units

Priced per square meter: Perfect for storing your furniture in-between moves or some time abroad, we calculate how much space you need and pick-up your things at your doorstep.Learn more

Packing help

SaveSpacers are happy to help pack and carry your things to make any storage experience enjoyable and truly effortless.Learn more

Why our customers love SaveSpace

SaveSpaceTraditional storage
Digital experience (no paperwork)YesNo
Next-day pick-upsYesNo
Next-day deliveriesYesNo
Pay only for the square meters you needYesNo
Pay only for the time you needYesNo
No minimum storage timeYesNo
Can be canceled at any timeYesNo
Trust through personal interactionYesNo

Known from

At a glance


You can trust us to handle your items, as if they were our own. All our storage facilities are heated and equipped with CCTV and fire alarm systems. We have also insured all your storage items—just in case.


We take care of all the stress of delivery and pick-up! You never have to visit a storage facility again. Should you order back a stored item, it will be returned to you as soon as the next day.


Because we can't carry your couch on a bike, we are doing the next best thing—we drive electric vans.


Cluttered rooms and stolen bicycles in winter: We've been there. That is why we pride ourselves on being an affordable option for as many people as possible!

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